Existing Volunteers


How and when do I pay my membership fee?
It is paid on joining PAT and annually thereafter. You can by cheque or direct bank transfer.
What is the money used for?
It is used for administration costs and to provide public liability insurance cover for you, your pet and the organisation.
What do I do if I am unable to keep an appointment to visit?
Inform the organisation as soon as possible and, if necessary, re- schedule.
What happens when I want to go on holiday?
Please ensure that the organisation knows when you will be away and when you will return.   People will be expecting you and looking forward to the visits.
Does PAT have a specific dress code?
As a representative of PAT we expect you to wear your PAT tee-shirt or sweat shirt, as well as your name tag. It allows you to be immediately recognizable. Similarly, your pet should wear his/her PAT scarf/bandana.
Why does my dog have to stay on a lead?
To ensure the safety of the people you visit. A loose dog may just cause an accident. It is your responsibility to keep your pet under control.
Can I visit with more than one dog at a time?
You should only visit with one dog at a time as you need to be able to control your dog in any situation whilst visiting.
How do I find somewhere to visit?
This will be decided in consultation with you, once you and your pet have successfully completed the assessment and mentorship programme.
What happens if my female bitch is “in season”?
You may not undertake therapy visits with a bitch in season and need to postpone the visit and advise the organisation accordingly.